Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN


Phelps is a family business built on personal values and passion passed down through three generations. Our security guards wear the Phelps name with pride.

Client Management

Phelps maintains many long-term client relationships, sustained by mutual trust and continuing quality assurance. We don’t take any client for granted, regardless of size or importance — everyone who joins the Phelps family receives the same level of commitment. Keeping clients happy and confident is our goal.

Phelps Security Manager working hard for client on security services in Memphis, TN.

Security Quick Tip

Going on vacation? If you broadcast your plans on social media, you could be giving information to potential burglars. Be careful about who you share your plans with. 

Online Client Portal

Phelps uses innovative accountability products to allow our clients to track officers, run incident reports and maintain an overview of their security solutions.

A sense of service

"The Phelps team is always friendly, helpful and professional, and they always respond promptly to requests for additional officers even on short notice. - Donna P., Property Manager