Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN


Phelps is a family business built on personal values and passion passed down through three generations. Our security guards wear the Phelps name with pride.

Distinct Personality.

If there’s one thing that stands out about Phelps Security, it’s our familiar red trucks. We insist on red vehicles for our entire fleet, not only because optimal visibility is an effective deterrent, but also because we value consistency when it comes to our company’s identity and services.

Phelps Security Red Patrol Truck

The mark of a team.

We at Phelps believe teamwork, from our ownership down to every security officer, is the key to success. Our vehicles, always clean, well-maintained, and highly visible, are no different from the uniforms that distinguish every Phelps security officer.


A security vehicle shouldn’t blend in to the crowd — just the opposite. Red Phelps Security trucks are a symbol that stand not only for safety and watchfulness, but also dedication, service, and quality.

There's a reason for our red trucks

"Phelps Security has provided guard service for us for more than 25 years. We have been very pleased with both their guards and their supervisory personnel. They are also very flexible to respond quickly when additional service is required above and beyond the regularly-scheduled service. We would highly recommend Phelps to anyone." - James N., Properties Manager