Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN


Whatever your security needs are, Phelps can deliver. We provide superior services honed by decades of excellence and innovation.

Client Trust

When it comes to our clients, we know that building trust is the key to maintaining effective working relationships. We truly believe that clients should be treated like family, and many of our longest-serving partners can attest to that.

Dispatch officer at desk waiting on security call in Memphis, TN.

Reliable Product

Security is an industry focused on people. Phelps proudly offers the most reliable, well-prepared security guards in the city, by hiring qualified individuals and providing continual training and extensive quality assurance. Our clients know they can trust Phelps Security when it comes to the safety of their families, their employees, and themselves.

Law enforcement - a working partnership.

Phelps Security also has strong ties to local law enforcement, especially in our management team which includes former police officers and military security professionals. These relationships prove invaluable in times of need and provide a unique perspective when it comes to determining your security needs. Phelps also brings Memphis Police colonels and local business leaders together through B.I.G. for Memphis, a business interest group striving to make Memphis a better place to live and work.

Since 1953

"Phelps Security does an excellent job of keeping up with current security issues and implementing procedures that help their clients." - Elizabeth G., Property Manager