Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN

Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN

What To Look For In A Quality Security Firm

Choosing a quality security company can be an overbearing task.  You can start with the usual Google search, but what does this really tell you?  The search will tell you the major players in the area, and this is good because there are literally hundreds of companies all across the nation from which to choose.  You should think of your security program as a long-term investment.  Protecting the liability of your organization is one of the most important line items on your expense report.  A quality security company will be able to reduce your exposure by using a systematic approach, so that your organization can focus on its specialty.  We have created a list of very important features to look for when choosing a professional security firm. 


1. Is the company licensed to work in the state in which the work is being performed?


2. Does the company carry adequate liability insurance to protect your organization?


3. Companies seeking a quality security guard firm should seek out providers that have embraced the latest technologies to make their officers perform better, be more efficient, and provide a higher quality of service.


4. What is the stability of the security firm?  Organizations should look for a firm that has a proven track record over many years in the industry.  Experience in creating security programs that work takes years of expertise.  What kind of reputation does the firm have in the community and are they actively involved?  Contact your local law enforcement agencies, and see what kind of relationship the firm has with them.


5. Companies should ask about the firm's operations and support team.  Does the firm have a 24 hour dispatch center?  Can the security firm continue operating in an emergency event (ex. loss of power)?  Inquire about the management team's professional backgrounds, their job duties and employment tenure with the firm.  You should not just be paying for a single security guard, but more importantly, a qualified management team to back it up!


6. Call your local law enforcement precinct and ask them for advice on who they would choose.


7. A professional security company will be able to provide client references for your organization to make an educated decision about whom to use as your contract security firm.


8. How does the company recruit employees?  If they do a background check, how far back do they search?  Do they drug test and how often?


9. What kind of training program does the security company provide to its employees?  Does the company do training in-house or send employees off-site?  Do they educate on CPR, AED training?  Organizations should take a tour of the company's headquarters and look for professionalism.


10. Look for other value adding sectors that a security firm should offer.  Do they offer private investigative services?  Do they have connections with local law enforcement and other local leaders to better assist in solving problems?  Is the company well connected in the business community?


Have you asked all of these questions to your current security provider?


"Keep in mind that placing safety measures for your office premises is best rather than waiting for something to happen to force you to put them up." - Office Security Tip