Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN

Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN


Building Relationships To Get Results!


Phelps Security prides itself on building relationships to help our clients and to help this great city. We have been dedicated for over 60 years to preventing crimes and giving piece of mind to Memphians. When possible, we leverage our relationships to help solve crimes.


One of our residential communities was experiencing some issues with night time theft. Fortunately a client was able to provide Phelps Security with quality CCTV footage of the suspect walking through their backyard. Through our strong relationship with the Memphis Police Department, we were able to pass this piece of evidence on to the precinct Colonel of the area. The very next day MPD was able to pass this visually identifying evidence down to their precinct taskforce for them to actively search for this individual. Day one of the search resulted in an arrest of the suspect walking down the sidewalk only two blocks from where the footage was captured. When arrested he possessed two stolen laptops that were in his backpack that he had acquired from a theft earlier in the day. Some items that he possessed were able to be returned to their rightful owners at the scene. The MPD taskforce did a fantastic job as always!


These are the types of success stories that make our relationships that we build so invaluable. Strong professional relationships get the results necessary for overall success. The Memphis Police Department, the citizens of Memphis, and Phelps Security cannot make Memphis crime free by themselves, but together we can become a great asset to this city!

"Keep in mind that placing safety measures for your office premises is best rather than waiting for something to happen to force you to put them up." - Office Security Tip