Phelps Security Guards, Memphis, TN


Phelps is a family business built on personal values and passion passed down through three generations. Our security guards wear the Phelps name with pride.

Client Testimonials

"Our company has been doing business with Phelps Security for well over thirty years. That fact, in itself, speaks for our level of satisfaction with the service they provide." "I have the highest level of confidence that they will always meet or exceed our expectations"

- Garland C., VP Property Maintenance



"Phelps Security, Inc. has provided our plant with 20 years of exceptional service. Phelps has prevented major losses of assets; while, providing officers who have been able to master the cutting edge technology deployed at our facility. Customer service from Phelps is and has been exceptional."

- Steve S., Plant Operations Manager



"Phelps Security has been a preferred vendor of ours for more than 20 years. Lloyd Phelps and his staff continue to provide fast response to emergencies and special assignments as well as day-to-day communication and effort on every assignment, Each request, no matter how challenging, is met with the required level of attention and interest by Phelps personnel. As a manger of commercial property with numerous locations throughout Memphis, we unfortunately have our share of security issues. In every instance where Phelps was called to assist or investigate, Phelps responded with concern and urgency.


Compared to other security vendors in Memphis that we have engaged, Phelps appears to be more connected and informed as to what is happening citywide in terms of crimes, suspects, and general security related information; all of which is valuable information to our property managers."

- Dan W., CPM



"Our dealings with any member of the Phelps' team have always been a pleasant experience. They are friendly, helpful and professional when you call. And are always responsive and prompt with any request for additional officers even if it's short notice.


The Phelps Family's dedication to their company and customers is unusual in this day and time."

- Donna P., Property Manager



"The guards are very reliable, professional, efficient and arrive on time for their assignments. The company communicates very effectively and is always there when called upon. Phelps Security does an excellent job of keeping up with current security issues and implementing procedures that help their clients.


Phelps Security has been wonderful to work with and I look forward to our continued relationship in the future."

- Elizabeth G., Property Manager



"Our company has had a long-time relationship with Phelps Security in assisting us with security for our commercial properties. They have been very successful in providing us with excellent service in the field of security as a result of their high standards of service.


On numerous occasions, I have experiences Phelps Security's management team going above and beyond our expectations of service. They have not only fulfilled our request for reliable and professional guards, but they have also taken the time to evaluate and resolve the issue at hand and provide us with expert information and suggestions to try to avoid future potential problems. There have been numerous occasions that Phelps Security has been very prompt in providing us with security assistance in emergency situations."

- Kay G., Property Manager



"Phelps Security, Inc. has provided security to several of our shopping centers in the Memphis area since 2008. We have received excellent service from Phelps and have been very pleased with their professional attitude and dedication to providing optimal security for both the buildings and customers of the shopping centers.


The staff at Phelps has been very helpful and always responds promptly when we have questions or need assistance. The guards are highly qualified and dedicated to providing excellent service."

- Eric E. Property Manager



"We are satisfied with the reaction time we receive when there is a security issue and Phelps takes a very proactive approach to eliminating problems before they occur. Phelps' management team is always available when called upon and is very efficient about spearheading any concerns that we, or our tenants, may have.


The guards are very professional, efficient and arrive on time for their assigned security posts. Phelps works very diligently to make sure our guards are the best suited for our facilities, both office and retail, and they regularly exceed expectations. Phelps Security does an excellent job of keeping up with current security issues and implementing procedures to protect their clients."

- Dan R., Property Manager



“Prior to working with Phelps Security, Inc., we could not be assured that our properties were receiving the priority we felt we deserved from the security services provider.  We were plagued with failures of all sorts, no guard would arrive as scheduled, no uniforms and unprofessional appearance, missing guards during contracted shifts, and other failures such as not following our requirements for written reports and utilizing our time clock to signify inspections.  We found the service we needed in Phelps Security, Inc. after extensive research and numerous interviews” .

- Jerry P., Safety Director



“Lloyd Phelps and his staff have a broad range of expertise  and have always been helpful in providing information and guidance in all areas of our facility security.  I have found Phelps Security to be professional, responsive, competent and financially competitive in the security industry”

- Dan B., Human Resources Mg



“It has been my experience that Phelps Security, Inc. provides a high quality security  service.  Their officers display a professional image and provide a professional work product.  They were successful in achieving excellent retention of employees resulting in many officers working the majority of my tenure at these contracts.  The Phelps Security management team always addressed any problems in a quick and timely manner.  It is obvious client satisfaction is given the utmost consideration in the operations of Phelps Security, Inc”

- Buster B., Security Director



“Phelps Security has provided guard service for our firm for more than 25 years.  We have been very pleased with both their guards and their supervisory personnel.  They are also very flexible to respond quickly when additional service is required over and beyond the regularly-scheduled service.  We would highly recommend Phelps to anyone with a need for security”

- James N., Properties Manager




“In October, 2009, we changed our security service to Phelps Security, Inc.  The transition was smooth and hassle free.  I was quite impressed with the personal attention the Phelps staff gave the hotel to make sure the transition was an easy one.  When the security guard reported to duty, the security personnel was already aware of his responsibilities without any additional input from the hotel management staff”

- Jami D., General Manager

Since 1953

"Keep in mind that placing safety measures for your office premises is best rather than waiting for something to happen to force you to put them up." - Office Security Tip